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Lemon Air / Car Freshener

Ready to Use Waterbased Room Freshner. Eliminates Odours with Pleasant, Non-Toxic, Natural and Long lasting Fragrance. Economical in Use. Does not contain Alcohol, Spirit or Gas. It can also be used in Air Coolaer, Vaporiser, as Car Freshner, Pillow-Mist and Handkerchief Perfume.

Available in Sandal, Musk, Mogra, Lily, Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose  Packs - 500 ml Spray Bottle, and 5 Lit Institutional pack.

Directions for Use : Room Freshner- Spray preferably over Curtains, Sofas, etc. or Spray upwards in the air throughout the entire room. Car Freshner- Spray as required inside of Car. Air Cooler- Add it in Air Cooler water as required. Pillow Mist- Spray a light mist over a Pillow/Sheet for soothing effect. Handkerchief Perfume- Spray a light mist on Handkerchief for a long lasting fragrance.

Caution : Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash your hands thoroughly with ample water after use. Keep away from children. Seek medical attention in case of accidental contact with eyes or persistent irritation with skin.

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